Hidden Gmail Features to Help You Produce More


How often have you tried to get something done at work but weren’t sure how to accomplish it?

Getting things done without spending time tracking down obscure features or digging through settings isn’t always ideal. Have you ever wondered how to make Gmail even easier for you to use?

There’s a reason why some email programs are better suited to specific tasks than others. Google has identified several hidden features that are designed to boost productivity. If you want to take advantage of these tools, check out our tips below.

Hidden Gmail Features to Help You Produce More

1. Use labels

Label emails as they come into your inbox by using labels. These tags let you group messages into categories like Important, Trash, etc. This way, you can easily see what needs your attention right away.

2. Turn off notifications

Do you receive an endless stream of alerts and updates from Gmail? It’s easy to turn on all sorts of notifications if you don’t really need them, so be sure to set the settings once in 0a while.

3. Add shortcuts to frequently-used options

You can add keyboard shortcuts to open commonly used features. For example, when composing a message, press Ctrl+Y to add attachments. Press Ctrl+S to save a draft. To quickly preview photos, click the image of choice instead of scrolling through every single one.

4. Quickly access important items with search results

If you regularly find yourself reopening previous correspondence, try searching within previously sent messages. When you do this, you may find that you can skip sending a reply altogether.

5. Manage multiple accounts simultaneously

By enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for other Google accounts, you can create separate folders for each account. That way, you won’t accidentally send emails meant for another person.

6. Check your spam folder

If you’re always missing important emails because you accidentally flagged them as spam, try turning off the filter. Spam filters aren’t perfect, which is why you might not always notice that you’ve mislabeled something. By allowing unfiltered mail to go through, you can regain control over your inbox.

7. Make conversation threads more readable

One trick you can use is to select text before pressing Enter. The letters “CTRL+O” will automatically copy those words to the clipboard instead. From there, you can paste the selection into a word processor or document creation tool to give yourself a legible reading experience.

8. Save images straight to Drive

Google recently introduced a feature that lets you upload images directly from Gmail to your Google Drive storage service, see casino en ligne. This makes sharing images with others much simpler. Once you’ve uploaded an image, click the button that says Upload to Google Photos. From there, choose between uploading the file itself or selecting specific parts of the picture. Don’t forget to enable photo recognition from that point forward!

9. Create custom tabs

Gmail includes six standard tabs that display various types of content, but you can customize what appears in the top-left corner of your screen. Click the gear icon next to the tab bar to open the Settings menu. Scroll down to the Tabs section and opt to replace the icons with different ones. Also, look at the bottom of the page and change the order of the tabs along with how many lines appear above or below the current view.