How to Easily Backup Your Data Using Google Drive


How would you react if you lost all of your data from your smartphone or tablet? Would you get upset and want to cry? If yes, then it might be time to consider backing up your accounts.

There are billions of dollars worth of information stored online, and at least half of that information was created within the last two years. One reason why companies and individuals store their data online is that they don’t trust cloud-based storage services.

So how can you back up your important documents without risking data loss? Learn why you should always take backups and how to back them up securely using Google Drive.

How to Backup Your Data on Google Drive in Simple Steps

1. Create an Account on Google Drive

With a free Google account, you can access some documents free of charge. You can also create new docs for free as long as you have 5 gigabytes of space available. This includes photos, videos, audio files, word processing documents, drawings, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

2. Download a Browser Extension (free)

It will let you view and edit Google Docs directly from your browser. There are even apps for iOS and Android phones. The Chrome Web Store has plenty of browsers that allow you to save Google Docs.

3. Sync between devices

Google gives you five GB of cloud storage space with its Google Drive service. That means you probably already have enough room to start saving your most current work.

4. Back Up Online Documents Using Google Docs

If you like a particular document, you can share it with other people. Then, you can invite others to collaborate by including them as co-editors or adding collaborators who will see changes made by anyone else visit casino en ligne.

5. Upload Photos

You can upload any kind of file to Google Drive whether it is a picture, video, spreadsheet, presentation, etc. It will automatically open in a new window so you can continue editing away.

You can also share links to anything you have uploaded to your cloud service. For example, just put a link inside an email message instead of sending a large attachment. When someone clicks on the link, he or she will be directed to your Google Drive document.

7. Take Advantage of Apps

Nowadays, many applications exist solely for cloud computing. These include Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, iWork, Evernote, etc. However, there are still good reasons to use these programs outside of the cloud, such as working with PDFs, archives, checking spellings, organizing images, converting text to speech, creating spreadsheets, playing music, etc.

8. Access Your Cloud Storage Service From Anywhere

Your Google Drive doc may be accessed from anywhere because it lives in the cloud. For example, you might be able to check your status on your phone while sitting down at home.

9. Use Google Chrome

All major browsers support Gmail, and Chrome not only supports Gmail but Google Drive, too. As mentioned earlier, this browser extension lets you view and edit Google Drive docs right from your browser.

10. Sync Files On Multiple Devices

A few different types of users rely on multiple computers to achieve certain goals: business executives, students, families, etc. Therefore, having one location where everyone syncs his or her files becomes very important. In addition, when you sync files from a laptop to a desktop computer, they are stored together. This is not always desirable for people who want their data to remain separate. If you want to avoid having duplicate files, then choose Google Drive.